More DSiWare on the way!

Although we've just now experienced our first round of DSiWare launch titles, anticipation for more releases has already begun to build. Nintendo has just put up their new Official DSi Site which contains a new DSi promotional video containing footage of not only the already-released DSiWare launch titles, but also three new titles and one new upcoming North American release as well. Read on for highlights of these four new DSiWare titles.

Dr. Mario Express

Dr. Mario Express looks like a stripped-down version of the WiiWare release, but fans of the Dr. Mario series should find plenty to like with this DSiWare release. The game will be a single-player experience, but will also allow you to take on an AI-controlled opponent in a split-screen challenge. As popular as the Dr. Mario games have always been, it probably goes without saying that this DSiWare rendition will likely be a hit among DSi owners when it hits the service later this year.


Paper Airplane Chase

Paper Airplane Chase is yet another individual micro game taken from the Wario Ware series of games and involves the player racing a paper airplane through various obstacles. You can choose from three different game modes that range from an Endless Mode, where you try to carefully fly your way through an endless amount of obstacles trying not to crash into any of them, to a Race Mode, where you can take on the game's AI in a head-to-head paper airplane race. You can check out our Paper Plane review to find out what we thought of the European release of this interesting Wario Ware micro game.


Master of Illusion: Deep Psyche

We've already seen the first Master of Illusion Express release, and it looks like Nintendo has more in store for DSi owners with this second edition of the game called Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche. This second release involves the number trick from the original retail release in which you have to input your birthday and then answer four specific questions that will always end up adding up to the same number each time. As with the first release, it looks like there will be yet another "Bonus Trick" included as well.


Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics

It seems we'll be getting portions of Nintendo's card game collection Clubhouse Games a little bit at a time on the DSiWare service. The first group of games, Clubhouse Games Express, will feature five games from the collection including Last Card, Last Card Plus, President, Blackjack, and Five Card Draw. There will be at least one more collection of games released at a later date, as well.


We'll have more information on other future DSiWare titles as it becomes available, as well as reviews of all titles once they hit the DSiWare service.