Mighty Flip Champs!

If you read our recent interview with WayForward about their upcoming DSiWare game, Mighty Flip Champs! if you are anything like us you probably put this game right on your “instabuy” list. It certainly looks set to be the first DSiWare title to try and bring something original to the table.

If you are keen to see the game in action we’d recommend you check out this clip from the Nintendo Channel where Voldi Way, the self-proclaimed tyrannical overlord of WayForward and his partner in crime, Matt Bozon give us the lowdown on the gameplay:

Flipping between alternate dimensions seems like a brilliant way to make use of the DSi’s dual screen and we have to say we are digging the NES style graphics too.

Stayed tuned to Nintendo Life for the very latest Mighty Flip Champs! news.

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