Maybe a release elsewhere is not far off?

May seems to be a Famicom month of sorts - 4 of the 6 games planned for release are for Nintendo's original console. And they're not exactly obscure games either - Final Fantasy and Famicom Wars (The first in the "Wars" series, which includes Advance and Battalion Wars) will both be making their VC debut next month.

These are the games Japan will be getting in May:


  • Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou! (The first "sequel" to River City Ransom - Unlike most of the rest of the series, which are usually sports games, this is another beat 'em up)
  • Ninja-kun: Ashura no Shou (Another game in the Ninja-Kun series, which includes Ninja JaJaMaru-kun)
  • Final Fantasy
  • Famicom Wars (The very first "Wars" game - This one doesn't include any of the fancy features you probably know, like a map editor or CO Powers!)

Sega Master System:

  • R-Type (A fairly decent port of the arcade game - But what's the point when it's already available on the TG16?)

PC Engine:

  • SimEarth (One of the sequels to SimCity - In this one you "manage" the entire Earth!)

That's not all however, because since the next Tuesday is still in April there's also a final April update. This will consist of these games:

  • Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SFC)
  • Numan Athletics (VCA - A totally over the top sports game from Namco. It's got a small cult following because it's unlike any other sports game - And it was released outside Japan, so we could get it someday!)
  • Youkai Douchuuki (VCA - A platformer/action game in which you fight almost nothing but monsters from classic Japanese stories. Because of this it's never been released outside Japan. A shame, because it's pretty good - Even if it's pretty hard!)