Remember, it's my party!

Nintendo’s DSi launches in the United States April fifth. Hold your suspense, yes, that’s this week. If you’ve got your calendar set on this event, and if you also happen to be in Los Angeles, you’ll have the chance to attend a launch party hosted by none other than Nintendo.

The party will be at the Universal CityWalk GameStop location from nine in the afternoon to midnight on April fourth. While you’re there, expect free stuff from I am 8-bit, and the faces of musician VJ Fader, G4’s Kevin Pereira,a nd Cammie Dunaway, who will be leading the countdown to the DSi’s launch. Not to mention you'll get the chance to get your hands on a DSi earlier than anyone else.

What an introduction to Nintendo’s most anticipated handheld. There’s no doubt that tons of people will be attending this one!