One of the best games in the Bomberman series

Naturally, both of these games cost 700 Wii Points because of import costs!

Bomberman '94 is, naturally, the sequel to Bomberman '93. Aside from having quite impressive graphics and sound, the game mostly just expands on what was already there - There's a new story mode and the battle mode has a couple of new features. One of the new features in both modes is Rooi, a kangaroo-like creature which, when found, grants you a special ability plus an extra hit. Bomberman '94 was actually released outside Japan on the Genesis/Mega Drive as Mega Bomberman, but of course only with 4-player multiplayer support instead of 5.

Detana!! Twinbee is the fourth game in the Twinbee series, which mostly went unreleased outside Japan. It's also by far the most popular one. As either Twinbee or Winbee, you have to blast your way through six stages of vertical shooting to defeat some aliens and save the Earth. One of the unique features of the game is that you can come across bells - If you hit these enough they'll change colour. Picking them up when they are a different colour will result in a different powerup.

Watch out for reviews for both of these games coming your way soon, courtesy of our resident PC Engine specialist, the Corbinator.

Nintendo's gone for a week with nothing but Hudson games - This week's WiiWare offering is Pop 'Em, Drop 'Em SameGame, an addictive puzzler which costs only 500 Wii Points.