You, Me and Shape

What's been widely reported is that the Japanese Virtual Console Arcade got six releases today compared to the four released in the rest of the world (Return of Ishtar, Gaplus, Emeraldia, Space Harrier, Star Force and Solvalou).

What's not been widely noted is that the Japanese also got two WiiWare releases, in what has become a familiar refrain of Japanese Wii customers getting more content than everyone else. This is possibly to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the WiiWare service launch. It will be interesting to see if there is going to be additional content next week as well.

Both games are 1000 points and both are from Nintendo:

Picture Book asoberu sugoroku tobida! --- Looks to be some kind of board or card game with a 3D representation and 2D pieces that look like cut-outs.

Kimi to Boku to Rittai (You, Me and Shape) -- This looks like a sort of puzzle game where you're trying to place people on structures made of cubes in pairs and position them so the structure stays balanced and they don't fall off. Sounds like something that could be translated easily enough for other territories and it's from Nintendo so there's a chance this could appear overseas.