Pop Plus: Solo

Before we could even catch our breath Australian developement team Nnooo sent us a press release about their plans to port Pop to DSiWare under the name of Pop Plus: Solo. Since its WiiWare debut (which scored 8/10 with us), a version of Pop has even been released for the iPhone (rated 8/10 by Pocket Gamer), so we’re hopeful that the DSiWare version will be every bit as good.

It seems that there are more game modes in this version than you can shake a stick at too. For 500 Nintendo points this should be a real bargain. More from the press release:

Following the success of Pop™ on WiiWare™ as well as the iPhone® and iPod Touch® Nnooo are pleased to announce the development of their first DSiWare™ title Pop Plus: Solo™.

Pop Plus: Solo includes not only all the great modes from the WiiWare and iPhone versions; Training, Normal, Advanced, Chill, Bonus Mode and Timed Mode; it also includes two brand new modes, Adventure and Challenges as well as two new bonus rounds and many new badges to collect.

"Pop Plus: Solo takes the great foundation of past Pop games and adds some cool new features and modes," said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Adventure mode takes the existing bubble bursting framework and adds boss battles, a first for the series. As the player progresses through the game these bosses will make themselves known and make life a little harder.

The new Challenge mode will allow players to create their own custom challenges. Want to see if you can beat 'Wave 5' in two minutes? Or try to pop 5,000 bubbles on 'Wave 7' in sixty seconds? Create a custom challenge and find out.

"The two brand new modes, Adventure with its four boss battles and Challenges means that Pop Plus: Solo now features a total of eight modes and five bonus round types. We think this will be a compelling purchase for new Nintendo DSi™ owners."

The website for Pop Plus: Solo is up and running at www.popplus.net and new content will be added on a regular basis.

For those of our readers who plan to pick up a DSi on launch, let us know if this will be on your day one DSiWare shopping list.