If you’re the kind of person who becomes unreasonably animated at the thought of new peripherals then you probably broke into a broad grin when you read about Nintendo’s new Classic Controller PRO the other day.

A revision of the existing Classic Controller, this updated model is more of an ergonomic amendment than anything else; aside from the Playstation-style prongs, the biggest change is the that the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons are now behind the existing L and R top buttons – another nod to the design of Sony’s joypads.

However, before you start planning a potential purchase you might want to be aware that Nintendo isn’t so keen on the idea of the pad making its way out of Japan.

The official line is as follows:

”At this time, we do not have any plans to launch the Classic Controller Pro in the United States.”

Of course, as if so often the case in the world of videogames, this stance may change over time, but you have to question just how essential this controller is if its maker isn’t even considering releasing it in every territory.