Flippin' awesome.

Mighty Flip Champs! will mark the DSi debut of WayForward Technologies. Not much is known about the game except that it takes place in a dungeon, which is navigated by flipping from room to room like pages in a book. We are promised a lot of adventure and head-scratching puzzles along the way, and Alta--our heroine--has to be constantly careful not to crush herself when flipping to the next room!

We're optimistic about this release, especially as it already stands apart from other DSiWare prospects: we'll be getting a fully original game in its own right, rather than a beefed up minigame, or simple puzzler.

You may recall that WayForward recently brought us the excellent LIT, and they are also working currently on a Wii-exclusive update of the NES classic A Boy and His Blob. We're sure you'll agree that WayForward is definitely a publisher to keep an eye on.

More news to come as details are released.

Source: IGN