Sudoku, perfect for the DSi?

Now we here at WiiWare World can't read Japanese (our lifelong shame!) and there's only so much we're able to glean about this game. But since the "Beginner 50" version is selling for 200 Nintendo points and the "150" version for 500 Nintendo points, it's pretty safe to say that the difference between them will be difficulty and number of puzzles. Both will be available for download in Japan on March 18.

This is certainly great news for those who love all things Sudoku, but we are of two minds about this: the sad news is that Hudson's DSiWare debut is probably going to be a simple collection of Sudoku puzzles. But the good news is that Hudson is dipping its toe into the service early, and we don't doubt that we'll get some truly unique releases from them down the line.

Sudoku Beginner 50

Sudoku 150

One thing's for sure...with this, Solitaire DSi and Dr. Mario DSi, Nintendo's new portable system will have no shortage of addictive, convenient puzzlers.

Now let's keep our fingers crossed that many more creative releases from Hudson follow close behind.

Source: Nintendo of Japan