Bowser hates trees, it would seem!

Mario and Bowser have a long running history in gaming as rivals. Occasionally though, the pair cooperate to accomplish a common goal. In Mario & Luigi 3, a new DS RPG which just released in Japan, this is only half the case. In a strange series of events, Bowser ends up ingesting some Mushroom Kingdom residents, including red and green pair Mario and Luigi. As such, Bowser romps around in the real world while the brothers tackle the Koopa King's innards.

The concept is decidedly stranger than either of the two previous games in the series, but it simultaneously provides what is easily the most interesting scenario yet. During the adventure, the brothers will manipulate Bowser from within, whereas anything Bowser does outside will subsequently affect them.

The two contrasting worlds also differ in dimensions. Mario and Luigi will be on a strict 2D plane, while Bowser is able to explore the world in all directions, just as Mario and Luigi would have in previous games. The result is two very different things happening on each of your DS screens. The gameplay potential is endless, to be sure.

Mario & Luigi 3 is set to debut in the rest of the world sometime in 2009. Until then rest assured that this outing will contain even more hilarity than the last. The third times the charm, after all.