Kimi to Boku to Ritai is coming!

The recent release of Kenji Eno's first WiiWare title Kimi to Boku to Ritai on the Japanese WiiWare service has stirred up quite a bit of anticipation for a possible release of the game outside of Japan. Thanks to a recent 1UP interview with Eno, we now know that the game is indeed on its way to a release outside of Japan.

Below is the portion of the 1UP interview where Kenji Eno speaks about the ongoing localization of the game and when we might see it released on the US WiiWare service.

1UP: How long until the game comes out in the US?

Kenji Eno: Pretty soon. The localization has been a little difficult even though the game itself doesn't have a lot of text. Once you start playing it, Ritai should feel intuitive, because the motions are very simple. But I was afraid that people would be put off by such a new concept, so the tutorial is quite detailed. There's a lot of explanation provided to avoid any possible confusion. And there's lots of different languages to work on, like German, French and Spanish as well. But it should finish development next week. After that, it's up to Nintendo of America to set a release date.

We'll have more information on Kimi to Boku to Ritai as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the title once it hits the WiiWare service. In the meantime, don't forget to check out our own first impressions of the Japanese release of Kimi to Boku to Ritai for a taste of what you can expect from the game when it hits the US WiiWare service.

Source: 1UP