GameLoft on launch day?  It's possible...

GameLoft is the newest developer to toss their hat into the ring, as some snooping on the PEGI website will reveal.

It looks like Europe will be getting Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity, which is classed as a "life simulation." Pop Superstar has also been released as a mobile game, allowing players to create an up-and-coming singing sensation, guiding the character to fame.

The other game Europeans can expect is Real Football 2009, another game you may remember from mobile phones, which featured more than 200 teams, several different stadiums, and mobile-to-mobile multiplayer. (No guarantee that the latter feature will be retained in the DSiWare release, but it sure would be nice.)

We've also heard whispers that GameLoft intends to release Uno to DSiWare (and WiiWare) this year. So keep an eye on this site, as always, and we will continue to bring you this information as soon as it becomes available.

Source: PEGI