Aside from the screenshot below, here’s what they had to tell us:

ColorZ is an original Action/Puzzle that brings a totally new experience of gameplay thanks to Wii Capacities.

The game takes place in an alternative world full of round and colorful elements but a terrible event disturbed all the citizen; a new virus polluted the universe and created thousands of Microbes. You must drive your UFO friends in order to clean all the different planets.

The core concept is based on common light color addition and yet to be seen multiple entities management.


The screenshot above illustrates the solo mode in the game. You control two UFOs (red & green), one with Wii Remote’s pointer and the other one using the Nunchuk. The red UFO can eat red microbes and the green UFO can eat green Microbes. Be careful not to mismatch the colors or you will lose a life!

Exkee told us that Colorz is in the final stages of testing, so it is likely to be released in the next few months. WiiWare isn’t exactly short of puzzlers, but this one looks like it is trying something original at least – will this be one you will keep a watchful eye on, or avoid?