Commodore 64 - The mighty breadbox!

The Last Ninja is the first game in the Last Ninja series. As Armakuni, the last remaining ninja, you must traverse the island of Lin Fen, going through wastelands, dungeons and palaces to defeat the evil Kunitoki, who killed all other ninjas in a devastating war. Armakuni will have to use his very precise jumping skills and selection of ninja weaponry (After finding each one) to outrun or defeat Kunitoki's soldiers, and he'll have to solve puzzles as well.

International Karate is a two-player karate game with a wide array of moves. Beat as many opponents as you can and progress through the various karate ranks, playing minigames every now and then, or simply take on a friend and see who's the better fighter!

Pitstop II is quite simply a racing game! You can either play alone against the AI or compete against a friend (Split-screen) to be the first to cross the finish line. There's not much to the game, but it's pretty fun and looks quite nice for an early C64 game.

Of course, since these have been out in Europe for quite a while we've already reviewed them: Read our International Karate review, our The Last Ninja review and our Pitstop II review.

For the younger readers among us who might think the C64 was around at the same time as the N64 we have prepared a Commodore 64 hardware focus. That should help clear up any mysteries about this home computer.

No other games this week, obviously Nintendo wants to put the spotlight on the C64! On WiiWare you can grab Hudson's already acclaimed FPS, Onslaught.