After all we usually get the good stuff late from the big N don’t we? Fear not, for a date has now been set and it’s two days earlier than North America! Unfortunately preorders are being taken in the UK for £149.99 (€170 / $215USD) for the basic console pack! This is about 50% more expensive than the regular DS Lite and with 100% less GBA slot!

Despite that small quibble we’ll be all over it in April for the lovely DSiWare goodness that is coming our way. More from the press release:

Download Nintendo DSiWare and customise your Nintendo DSi with a whole host of new titles and applications...

You can customise your Nintendo DSi by downloading games and applications from the Nintendo DSi Shop, in addition to being able to carry around your Nintendo DSi with your very own unique photos & music files. A variety of fun software will be available for download in the forthcoming months. Examples include an application which enables users to make animated cartoons or combine photos to create mini-movies (incorporating both sound and moving images); or the fun-filled WarioWare software which utilises the motion-detecting camera for a completely interactive experience. Users will also be able to download the Nintendo DSi Browser for free from launch, offering quick and easy Internet access from their Nintendo DSi.

All of this and more can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo DSi Shop via the Internet, and thanks to the Nintendo DSi’s built-in flash memory these can be saved directly onto your console, meaning you can take all of your games and other applications with you wherever you go.

We’ll be extending the reach of WiiWare World and covering DSiWare as soon as it launches with a full set of reviews. I bet you can hardly wait!

Will you be tempted to buy a DSi for yourself on the launch day?

Source: Nintendo UK

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