The games for March and April might come as more of a surprise however:

Onslaught (Due March in Europe)
Onslaught is a first person shooter which focuses on blasting a massive number of enemy creatures to feel the exhilaration. The story is based on the outer planet in the near future. The massive number of enemy creatures will try to attack the player. In the game you use various types of weapons and battle against it to complete the mission and proceed in the story. Also, there is a mode that uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to compete against the players, up to 4 players, all around the world.

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Adventure Island WiiWare (Due April in Europe)
Master Higgins is back with whole new actions and elements on Wii! Gather the Gold Melons hidden in the stages, get the new actions, and explore the Adventure Island. Also, there are mini-games to have fun with your friends. Adventure Island WiiWare has all new updated graphics, not retro style!

These are all the details we can get for now, of course as soon we get any screenshots or videos you will be the first to know!