As we reviewed it shortly after its release and already revealed the answers to most of our questions, we agreed with Amar to run with a revised interview in light of this. Let’s find out what he had to say:

WW: We were pleasantly surprised when we reviewed the European release of Onslaught last week. Do you feel the American media will see it in the same favorable light when it is released?

AG: That’s a good question. I can’t claim to know the European market that well, but if Western gamers’ tastes for FPS games are similar across both continents, then we just might see favorable scores from North American reviewers too.

WW: It comes as a bit of a surprise for a FPS to be developed in Japan where the genre is not known for being very popular. What unique qualities do you think Onslaught has when compared to Western FPS games?

AG: The one thing that strikes me is the focus on points and rankings. In Western-developed FPS games, the focus is usually on blowing things to bits and getting things done. In Onslaught, the focus is sometimes on doing well and constantly improving your performance, the result of a very Eastern thought process. The points and rankings are the results of that thought process: get a good score, work hard to improve on it, and see if you can improve your ranking.

WW: Which FPS games inspired the development of Onslaught?

AG: I wouldn’t say there’s any particular one that inspired it. FPS is a pretty established genre, so there are a lot of conventions that by definition are in every FPS game. Looking at it, I’m sure a lot of people will make comparisons to a certain sci-fi movie from 1997, but the only real likeness is that you’re shooting bugs.

WW: Why does Onslaught not feature a death match mode?

AG: This was a specific design decision. Hudson’s core design philosophy prohibits explicit violence between people playing a game. I know what you’re thinking: what about Bomberman? Well, that’s because he’s a cute little cartoon character and technically, if you go way back in his history, he’s a robot. In Onslaught, it would be people shooting each other in the face with guns, which goes against our philosophy. If we could have done deathmatch in this game, we would have, and I guarantee you I’d be having a blast playing it online against you.

WW: It took us just 4 hours to complete the game on the normal setting. What is going to keep gamers coming back to Onslaught once this is completed?

AG: Impressive! Once players finish the game on normal, they can try harder difficulty settings (believe me, they get HARD). There’s also the online 4-person co-op. You can get online to work with your buddies exterminating the bugs, and you get your choice of working with your friends to get a high score or competing with them to see who can kill more bugs.

WW: What put you off adding a local multiplayer mode in Onslaught? Do you feel online play is much better suited for this type of game?

AG: I think that’s a result of platform limitations. There’s only so much ‘game’ you can fit into 40 megs, and as you’ve seen we packed a lot of levels, textures, enemies, guns, and more into that space. As you know with all WiiWare games it’s a give and take of what you can keep and what you have to remove. To add local multiplayer, we would have had to take something else out of Onslaught.

WW: Will there be any downloadable content for this game in the future?

AG: At this time, there aren’t any plans for downloadable content.

WW: Was sticking within the file size limit for WiiWare a challenge for this sort of graphically-intensive game?

AG: Yeah, it definitely was a challenge. When I first heard of this concept, I never thought the developers could pull off a good FPS game in 40 megs. I was shocked when I finally saw the game in action. Despite the filesize limit, they still packed plenty of variety into the game.

WW: With the DSi coming out in April, will Hudson be releasing any DSiWare games in the future?

AG: Absolutely! Now, as far as which ones, that’s still TBD.

Thanks to Amar for taking the time to answer our questions. We recommend that you consider giving Onslaught a chance if you haven't already. We don't hand out scores of 9/10 lightly here at WiiWare World!

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with none other than the fastest button basher in the East, Takahashi Meijin about Hudson’s next WiiWare game, Adventure Island: The Beginning. It should make for a fascinating read.