Beer Pong Get Your Balls Wet.33271328 STD

The video game equivalent of watching paint dry (only not as exciting) singularly failed to impress us when we reviewed it some time ago. The only interesting aspect of this release is that the game’s title has reverted back to ‘Beer Pong’ rather than ‘Pong Toss’. For 800 points this is a bit of a sick joke; needless to say, we recommend you pass this one up. Thankfully our Aussie cousins don't need to worry about having to make the choice - they have been spared this game, presumably because it doesn't feature 'Castlemaine XXXX'.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there was a viable alternative available, but sadly the other WiiWare release this week is merely average. Snowboard Riot is Hudson’s attempt to top Nintendo’s 1080 Snowboarding, but as you can see from our review, it’s not entirely successful. At 1000 points it’s also pretty pricey.

What do you our faithful readers think of this week’s releases?