Planetpachinko 01

First up we have Planet Pachinko, which might sound like a simulation of the popular Japanese gambling machine but is in fact a zany shooter where you assume the role of a robot looking for its puppy. Aww. At 500 points this could be quite appealing, and the recent interview we did with Allied Kingdoms certainly piqued our interest.

Next up is Jungle Speed. This is essentially a card game based on fast reflexes and multiplayer involvement, and at 1000 points we think it might be a little overpriced. Still, we’ll withhold final judgment until we’ve had chance to review it properly – which, as always, will be as soon as humanly possible.

Elsewhere on the ‘network’ we have some retro-tinted goodness over at Virtual Console Reviews in the shape of today’s news – fans of vintage gaming can now enjoy the excellent Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.