Looking very much like Codemasters’ top-down racing classic Micro Machines, this game promises a unique ‘stunt’ system that allows players to gain speed boosts. We recently interviewed High Voltage regarding this interesting racing title, so be sure to check out what they say about it.

Another lofty claim made by the developers relates to the Quantum 3 Game Engine, which apparently allows Hot Rod Show to dazzle graphically and feature gameplay not previously possible on the Wii. That’s quite a boast, and one that we’ll investigate fully when our review goes live – which will be as soon as possible, naturally. In addition to that it is pretty neat that top race times can be uploaded to an online scoreboard. Something we wish all WiiWare games supported. At 1000 Wii points we're keen to discover if this is good value for money or not.

If that doesn't take your fancy, then you might be interested to know that 'Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy are back for more family fun, and this time it's glide hockey'. Yes that's right it's more cell-shaded sports fun from Aksys Games with Family Glide Hockey. We're expecting this to be a fairly decent game consdering the low asking price of just 500 Wii points.

Elsewhere, in the crazy world of the Virtual Console there is real cause for celebration, regardless of that fact that only one game has been released. Compile's MUSHA is one of the finest vertical shooters available for Sega's 16-bit Genesis and should be downloaded without any delay whatsoever.