Toribash can best be characterized as a physics-based one-on-one fighting game that allows players to have unparalleled control over their figher's game play moves. Unlike many other fighting games out there, Toribash places a greater emphasis on strategy rather than quick reflexes.

Toribash gives players unprecedented freedom by providing them with total independent control over their fighter's bodies. With 20 points of articulation, and 4 options for each, there are more than a trillion different possible configurations at any time.

The result is a game where players are bound only by their imaginations, empowered to explore and create their own unique fighting styles to a degree completely unthinkable in any other game.


The Toribash WiiWare version has many new and exciting features, such as a cool particle effects system. This is used for impacts, gripping etc... Makes the game much more fun to watch, and everyone loves impact effects!

Toribash WiiWare will include multiplayer to fight against other Wii-ers. However, Wii people will not be able to play against the PC peoples. The Wii has no multiplayer queues, so no more waiting! Just complete Toribash fun. (searches for other players who are looking for fights).

You can take a look at a few of the static screenshots the developers have recently made available above as well as a gameplay video below. We'll have more information on Toribash as it becomes available as well as a full review once it hits the WiiWare service.