Pop and Drop Bombermen!

Costing a mere 500 Wii Points this simply seems to be an update of the classic game, featuring upgraded graphics, (presumably) music and multiplayer modes. Of course there are also some Hudson touches applied - You can change the tiles to Bomberman heads, if you want!

If you don't have any clue what SameGame is about - Basically, you click on a tile of a certain colour. It, and all tiles which touch it that have the same colour (And all the titles with the same colour touching those, etc.) will disappear, and any tiles that were stacked on top will fall down. The more tiles you destroy with one click, the better, of course! The playing field in SameGame is usually pretty huge - It's therefore not unlikely that you might even split the playing field in half, with no way to connect one side to the other.

Strangely enough, this means Japan is skipping Snowboard Riot for now, despite it being the next scheduled WiiWare game for the US and Europe. Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame is expected to be released in Europe in February. A US release has not been announced yet.