Pole's Big Adventure looks to be a very standard NES-like (or dare we say Master System?) platformer title on the outside, but if you look deeper you'll find a game that will basically push the envelope for crude humor and just from looking at early screenshots of the game in action, it seems like the game will obviously poke some fun at our friendly neighborhood plumber Mario. As if to not be too obvious, the official Japanese web site even features a large mushroom on it, although the word mushroom is also a Japanese slang term for the aforementioned male appendage, so we'll leave further speculation to you readers on this one.

The game is set to hit the Japanese WiiWare service on February 3rd and has already received a "B" rating from CERO, so this odd humor should be interesting to see. While we'd love to see the game released outside of Japan just to be able to experience this game's unique brand of humor, there's been no official announcement of the game being released on the North American or European WiiWare services at the current time.

We'll keep you posted on any future developments regarding Pole's Big Adventure. Until then you can take a look at a couple of screenshots of the game in action from Japanese Famitsu magazine.

Update: You can now find out lots more about this game on the official Pole's Big Adventure website. For only 500 Wii points this is looking pretty good. Let's hope it gets a release outside Japan!

Check out the videos from Sega's Youtube channel also: