With lush visuals such as these, it's not going to be easy to get this down to 42MB

However, Agharta Studio’s recently released graphic adventure 1112 is one of the better iPhone games, effortlessly combining great visuals with an engaging plot. It also makes excellent use of the iPhone’s touch screen capability, and for $7.99 represents brilliant value for money.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, Agharta has apparently been approached by another company with the notion of porting the game to WiiWare. The Wii’s motion sensing controls would allow 1112’s unique interface to remain intact, and the episodic nature of the game (future instalments will be available soon) would tie in neatly with other WiiWare games, such as the well-liked Strong Bad series.

However, there’s one small stumbling block that may put a dampener on the entire proposition – the size limit for WiiWare games is 42MB and the first episode of 1112 clocked in at 128MB on the iPhone.

Who would have thought that a game made for a portable platform has to be downsized to function on the Wii?

Source: Pocket Gamer