Golf with Mario and friends

Mario Golf was strangely already released in the US and Japan months ago before finally appearing in Europe this week. This is the first Mario Golf game, and although it doesn't really have any fun Mario-esque gameplay elements, it is quite an enjoyable game. It's also one of the few Mario games to feature "real" human characters.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is likely to be the last "unique" Wonder Boy game we'll see on the VC. Every game in the series is now available (Three of them are even available twice!), except for the last one - Monster World IV. Sadly that game was never released outside Japan, and it's quite text-heavy, meaning a western release is not likely (Japan has also had it on VC for over a year already!). Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the first Wonder Boy game to feature RPG elements - During your adventures you can stop by various shops to buy better armour and weapons. It's not as in-depth as later games in the series, but it is of course still a highly enjoyable (If sometimes rather hard) game.

That's the last European VC update this month! What wonders will February bring? Perhaps another Hanabi Festival?