Isometric Excitebike - Too bad it's nowhere near as good!

Enduro Racer for the Master System was Sega's attempt at bringing the arcade game with the same name to home consoles. Sadly they totally changed the gameplay in the process - The arcade version played more like Outrun with motorcycles, while the home version is more like an isometric Excitebike! The unfortunate truth, however, is that it's nowhere near as good as Excitebike, which can mostly be attributed to slightly worse gameplay and the lack of any additional features (Such as a track editor).

It took over 2 years since the VC release of Donkey Kong Jr., but Donkey Kong 3 is now also finally available. It's not really a surprise why it took so long - The game is pretty terrible, as it's nothing like its predecessors! Instead of trying to make your way up a stage to rescue Pauline/Donkey Kong, you have to battle Donkey Kong in a greenhouse, using bugspray to force him upwards into a beehive, while contending with insect minions. Of note is that Mario isn't even there - You play as Stanley, who was never seen again (Save for a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee)!

Let's hope the update in two weeks will actually be worth the wait!