Yay for stereotyping!

Super Punch-Out!! is quite naturally the sequel to the original Punch-Out!! for NES. Visually the game looks a bit more like the arcade installments of the series - Your character (There is still some dispute over whether it's Little Mac or not) can be seen in the foreground, transparent, while the opponent is in front of him and fully visible. The rest of the game plays just like Punch-Out!! for NES - Study your opponent's moves, dodge his attacks and correctly time your own attacks. There are some minor additions and changes - You can now block up and down, and the uppercut move can be used as much as you want after successfully landing multiple hits in a row, until you take a hit yourself. Some purists still prefer the NES version, but Super Punch-Out!! is pretty much an improvement in every way.

The other newly rated game was already released in Japan some time ago, hinting at a possible release elsewhere - It's Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen. This is another Square Enix game - It's not quite as popular as their other franchises, but it's definitely a very good strategy game. The original cartridge is also fairly rare, meaning this might be a good way to get the game if you just don't want to shell out the cash for the cartridge.