Finally a mahjong game on the Wii that's available outside Japan!

The first, Mahjong Zodiac, is a game available on said site. While Japan loves its mahjong (And already has multiple on VC and WiiWare), the rest of the world doesn't really seem to see many videogames based on it - Thankfully this will change now, because Mahjong Zodiac will be released in the first quarter of the year. It's quite a complicated game - Read Wikipedia if you don't know anything about it.

The second game is a new one - Str33t Racing will be the third racing game on WiiWare. We can only hope it'll be better than the dreadful SPOGS Racing, anything more is a bonus! The game's release is much farther off than Mahjong Zodiac - Str33t Racing is planned for a third quarter release.

Here's Artex Studios's full press release announcing the two games:

Budapest, Hungary, January 29, 2009 - Artex Studios, Inc., the owner of is scheduled to release the iPhone and WiiWare version of Mahjong Zodiac and Str33t Racing.

Mahjong Zodiac

Mahjong Zodiac is a unique combination of the classic mahjong and the three matching games. The classic mahjong gameplay with the intriguing twist, guaranteed to challenge anyone looking for a brain workout. Embark on a journey through ancient China and Buddha's life in this story-filled mahjong game. As you progress from level to level, a beautifully

An illustrated story is revealed, immersing you in a great gaming experience.

  • 96 well balanced level
  • unique hand drawn graphics
  • particular mahjong tile set
  • beautiful particle system
  • authentic background music and sound effects

Release date: Q1 2009

Str33t Racing

Str33t Racing is a classic top-down racing title that has a unique power-ups system which requires players to achieve the best position. The game has been using the company's proprietary technology, which provides stunning graphical quality.

  • 10 different dream cars
  • 8 high quality racing tracks
  • unique power-ups system
  • car damage system
  • glow, real-time shadow and particle effects
  • multitouch and tilt control (iPhone version)
  • remote and nunchuck control (WiiWare version)

Release date: Q3 2009