The cat had already been let out of the bag on the release dates for both of today’s WiiWare releases so they should come as no surprise to our regular readers.

We have to admit to being quite interested in RealArcade’s Tiki Towers. On the one hand it looks like jungle themed World of Goo clone but we were assured from our recent interview with RealArcade that there are in fact a lot of differences that make it worthwhile. With the killer price point of 500 Wii points this could be the best WiiWare bargain yet. Watch out for our review coming soon if it doubt.

The other game this week is Fun! Fun! Minigolf by those lovely chaps at Shin’en (of Nanostray fame). Cutesy sports titles like this are usually great fun and for 900 Wii points it should be worth a look. It is certainly one of the nicest looking games we have seen on WiiWare. In our recent interview with Shin’en we were assured that the controls were as good as found in Wii Sports golf so if this is true then we think this will be a must buy for sport game fans. We’ll have our review up in the next couple of days if you are not sure if you should take a chance on this yet.

In the lonely world of the Virtual Console there is just one game up for grabs today, but what a corker it is! Yep that right, it’s Phantasy Star IV – one of our favourite Genesis RPGs!

Happy Christmas gaming from the WiiWare World team!