More of the same, but better!

Metal Slug 2 is quite obviously the second game in the Metal Slug series. It improves on everything from the first game - More characters, more weapons, more enemies, more vehicles, better graphics... It's every bit as addictive as the original game, but this is a bit of a pointless release. It suffers from slowdown in many areas, which caused SNK to release a "remake" called Metal Slug X - Aside from mixing things such as enemy locations up a little, it fixes all slowdown and is overall a slightly better game than 2. It might be a better idea to wait and see if X will be released on VC.

That's all for VC! On WiiWare this week, you can finally grab Space Invaders Get Even. Hudson has also made a bit of a strange choice - Instead of releasing Cue Sports, which was recently released in Europe, they've released Pit Crew Panic! Head on over to WiiWare World for more info.