Essentially a portable version of the WiiWare portal, it will allow DSi owners to download various games for their machine. The service launches on the 24th December, and here’s the full list of titles that our Japanese friends will be enjoying come Christmas Eve:

  • A Little Brain Age: Logic Version (800 DSi Points)
  • A Little Brain Age: Word Version (800 DSi Points)
  • A Little Magic Tournament (200 DSi Points)
  • Art Style Aquario (500 DSi Points)
  • Art Style Decode (500 DSi Points)
  • Bird and Beans (200 DSi Points)
  • Dr. Mario (500 DSi Points)
  • Moving Memo Book (Free)
  • Paper Airplane (200 DSi Points)
  • Simple Trumps (500 DSi Points)
  • Utsusu Made in Wario (500 DSi Points)

You can see the Japanese DSiWare site for more information. It seems Japanese gamers will be getting 1000 DSi points for free by connecting to the DSi shop on or after December 24th. Merry Christmas indeed!

Check out the Japanese launch trailer for even more info:

Thanks to WiiWare World reader RGVEDA for giving us the heads-up on this news!