Luc turns to sock puppet for support

Luc, along with a close personal friend of his and a handful of investors, has established a new game development company that will be based in Florida. This new company currently has two games in development and Luc was kind enough to provide a little insight into these two new titles via his official blog.

Strategy Game (iPhone/Wiiware/Steam)

This game will be similar to Advance Wars but with rpg elements in it. I don't want to say too much about it or the title yet, but it's set in the same world as Eternity's Child.

The lead programmer on it has worked at EA so he's really good. And has actually in the past worked on strategy games, so he's helping design it, the difference maybe between Advance Wars and this game is the environment, how that works well you will see once the game comes out. I don't want to reveal too much but I am quite proud of it, it's beautifully designed.

Rose Princess (Steam, Wiiware and any other machine that has a controller)

What was first a game designed to basically help my ex get some promotion, well has turned into something else, I decided to take it back and well redesign it, since I really liked it for some reason, like Looney Toons on crack.

Since I am full time on the strategy game right now up until february, Rose Princess is just being worked on part time, I am not the only concept artist this time, I decided to take David North to work with me on the concept art. I think us combining both of our ideas can bring something truely unique.

Now gameplay wise, that is the most important, it will be a metroidvania style of game, it will be the second game with the new company, I am not going to go too hardcore like I was going to do before (like Mr Cuddles used to snort carrot powder all the time) or either it won't be allowed up on Wiiware.

Luc was quick to point out that his new company was not yet licensed as an official WiiWare developer, but that they were going to apply soon. You can check out one of the official pieces of artwork from Rose Princess below.

We'll have more information on any future Luc Bernard titles in development as it becomes available.