YAY! More Screens!

While we don't have quite that many new screens to unload on you today, we have come across 30 new screen shots that show Levels 3 and 4 in action, as well as some new information on these two new levels and Booster Items found in the game.

Booster Items

Energy Cells: Armor for your ship
Constellation Stone: Progress requirement on various levels
Diode: Upgrade for various increases in ship functionality
Chronosphere: Add time to objective clock
Spacemen: Stranded spacemen need saving in various missions

Act 3: Ice World

Scene 1: BoboSmack’s Ice Cave of Delights – Timed run through a difficult maze
Scene 2: Dorian’s Belt – Use tethering to save stranded ships while avoiding black holes and space junk
Scene 3: Hoshi’s Corona – Collect energy cells while trying to stay alive!
Scene 4: Alarra Station – Activate door switches while avoiding magnets, radars/towers that affect your ship’s controls, and mines
Scene 5: BoboSmack’s Ice Cave of Delights Part 2 – Collect 20 energy cells in a timed run through the Ice Cave

Act 4: Plasma World

Scene 1: The Nimbus of Suh’godin – Tether and tow 10 stranded ships to repair stations while navigating a rotating map
Scene 2: The Swedarian Field – Navigate through giant asteroid crushers to pick up energy cells
Scene 3: The Yo’rel – Dive deep into the belly’s of a ship to find a Constellation Stone, then escape once found
Scene 4: Lucien’s Annulate – Locate and return spacemen to the safety of their ship
Scene 5: Dr. Dark Matter’s Super Dangerous Space Laboratory – Make your way to the center of the laboratory in your final mission…

You can check out the new screen shots starting here. Just click next to continue on through all 30 of the new screen shots of the game.

We've also just uploaded the new official Evasive Space video trailer for all to see that shows this unique WiiWare title in action.

We'll have more screenshots (if that's even possible) as well as information on Evasive Space as it becomes available. We'll also have a full review of the game up once it hits the WiiWare service.