Secret of Mana rivals Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger!

Secret of Mana is probably Square's most well-known SNES game aside from the Final Fantasies and Chrono Trigger. Unlike those two, it's an action RPG - There's no turn based battles, meaning you can attack and dodge at will. It's a long game, with tons to see and do - If you haven't played it before you're really missing out! Another unique thing about the game is the fact that you can okay with up to three people - Very strange for an RPG.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Master System is not at all like the Mega Drive version - It has completely different levels, a new plot, new music and more. It's not as good as its big brother, but it's still quite a decent game.

And there we have it, the last Wii Shop update for Europe this year! Sadly there's still no Mario Golf for the N64, but maybe it'll show up in two weeks?