Last Ninja 3 pushes the C64 to its limits!

Last Ninja 3 is the final part of the Last Ninja series. It's basically more of the same - Explore your isometric surroundings to find key items, kill enemies and solve simple puzzles to beat every stage. For this final part of the series, System 3 tweaked Armakuni's jumping a little - It animates a bit faster now. Items are also no longer in plain sight - You'll really have to search hard to find them now. As with the other two games in the series, it has stunning graphics and music, easily some of the best you can find on the C64. If you still haven't downloaded a C64 game yet, you really should consider downloading one of the three Last Ninja games.

Impossible Mission II is quite obviously the sequel to the original Impossible Mission. It's basically more of the same - Explore a randomly generated building (Although the layout of every room is always the same, the rooms themselves will always be in different positions when you start the game), searching objects to find parts of an intricate puzzle which you must then decode to find a password to beat the game. Aside from a graphical upgrade and some new enemies the game isn't that much different from the original, but if you liked that, you'll probably like this.

Boogerman is the second Interplay game to hit VC, after Earthworm Jim. Like Jim, it's a well-animated platformer, but unlike Jim, the gameplay isn't much to speak of - It's not really good, but it's not bad either. The game's got a unique style though - Your "hero" really isn't that much of a hero, as his superpowers include throwing boogers and farting! This rather unique theme puts it a step ahead of other "ok" platformers, though it still doesn't come close to approaching its earthwormy cousin. If you're mature enough not to be disgusted by the theme it could be worth checking out.

That's all this week! The next VC update will be on the day after Christmas - What do you think you'll find under your virtual Christmas tree?