Aquario: The Art Style series returns to its handheld roots!

In Art Style: Aquario you are presented with three large vertical stacks of blocks, plus two or four small blocks to the side of them - You must find a section in the stacks where you can slide these extra blocks in, pushing out blocks on the other side. This seems to continue until all empty spaces are filled, after which you move on to the next stage.

Art Style: Decode seems to be for math lovers - You're presented with a bunch of numbers (To which more are added continuously). Your objective, it seems, is to select a few of these numbers to combine and form a specific larger number. Be fast though, because if the screen fills up it's game over!

Strangely enough these will be the first Art Style titles available in Japan - They haven't gotten any of the three WiiWare titles yet. Both of the games will be 500 Nintendo Points - They'll be available on Wednesday, but they'll face some tough competition, including a new Dr. Mario and WarioWare game. Who will come out on top?

Source: Nintendo of Japan