Dangeresque 3

Leading up the rear (oo-er) on WiiWare today is Target Toss Pro: Bags. Games that involve throwing bags around don’t rank too highly on our ‘must have’ list, but our recent chat with developer Incredible Technologies certainly piqued our interest. It costs 700 Wii Points and our review will be online as soon as possible, we promise.

Hold the front page! We’ve just received a message over the Bat-phone that relates to shady goings-on in the world of downloadable Wii content – our sources over at Virtual Console Reviews have informed us that SPACE INVADERS: The Original Game is now available. Sadly, as you can see from the review, it’s not really worth bothering with. The other VC release for today may not be a classic but it's nevertheless much better – it’s Sega’s likeable conversion of Capcom’s Forgotten Worlds.