Spooky stuff!

That’s right – today marks the release of Alien Crush Returns and Home Sweet Home on the North American WiiWare service! So if you’re a fan of putting up wallpaper AND using a metal ball to kill stinking xenomorph scum, then you’re well catered for this week.

Home Sweet Home we reviewed a while back when it came out in Europe, and found to be a fairly interesting distraction at 1000 Wii points. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’re a fan of The Sims (we hear it’s quite popular) then this might be to your tastes.

Alien Crush Returns clocks in at 800 Wii points and is, as the title suggests, the sequel to the fantastically deranged PC Engine/TG-16 original. A review will be online later in the week. In the meantime, check our our exclusive first impressions here.

If those two games don't get your pulse racing then maybe you'd like to sample the delights of Space Harrier on the Master System, which also came out today on the Virtual Console.