Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds is the Genesis port of Capcom's arcade shooter. You control a flying warrior in a robotic suit who, as is usually the case in shooters, has to take down an evil overlord and his underlings. A unique aspect of the game is that there is a little sphere floating around you which can also shoot - You can control this sphere at all times. This game also introduces the fictional currency Capcom now uses in most of their games, the Zenny!

Space Invaders was a classic arcade game. You might think Space Invaders: The Original Game for SNES is a reimagining of sorts - Unfortunately, it isn't at all! The game is basically a collection of different versions of the original Space Invaders. Don't be fooled into thinking it's a new game, it really isn't! We recommend waiting for the quite entertaining Space Invaders Get Even on WiiWare instead or just picking up Space Invaders Extreme on the PSP/DS.

On WiiWare this week, you can either grab Target Toss Pro Bags, or Strong Bad's latest escapade: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.