Visually it’s all looking very polished indeed, and the art style is certainly a cut above the usual stuff we’re used to with the vast majority of WiiWare games.

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Experience with ICARIAN: KINDRED SPIRITS™ the awesome story of Nyx, an enigmatic winged girl, that must descend from heaven in search of her missing friend Icarus.

Overfly the ruins of ancient Greece and avoid falling into blazing sands or perishing in the claws of cruel harpies and hydras.

You will need the help of Zeus and other benevolent Gods from Olympus to summon their powers. They will let you cast rays, modify the scenery and control winds at your wish...
With your own wrist movements and pointing to the game screen, you will be able to achieve these and many other feats in this new and enjoyable Wii™ platform game.

Fly, aim and shoot using the new and fullest potential of your Wii Remote™.