After the excellent Alien Crush Returns which came out this week for both North America and Europe it seems that Hudson can do no wrong. As such we have high hopes for these games even if Pit Crew Panic! does seem very different from what we were expecting!

Feast your eyes on the delights which Hudson has in store. Don’t forget to check out the screenshot galleries for lots more images.

Cue Sports: Snooker vs Billiards
Release date: End Nov 2008 (Europe)
Genre: Sports / Pool

Cue Sports: Snooker vs Billiards is the perfect WiiWare pool game for experts and newcomers alike. Featuring realistic controls in which players use the Wii Remote just like an actual cue, the game lets anyone try their hand at pool in the comfort of their living rooms. If you’re not ready to use an “actual” pool cue, you can set the strength of the shot using the buttons on the controller.

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Players can choose from the most popular variants of pool, including eight ball, nine ball, rotation, and snooker. Players can try their hands at trick shots too, or even set up their own! Once they feel like true pool sharks, they can go online to play with up to four players in a Wi-Fi Matchup.


Pit Crew Panic!
Release date: Dec 2008 (Europe)
Genre: Wacky (No really! No genre quite fits this game.)

Have you ever seen an all-female pit crew fix a giant broken toilet? Of course not, but now you sure want to, don’t you? Pit Crew Panic! is full of frantic action in which your pit crew fixes a variety of wacky “whatsits” as fast as they can! Race against the clock by yourself or challenge some friends to see whose team can fix that giant wedding cake the fastest! You can even play online and see if your girls can out-fix the opponent’s girls on, say, an aircraft carrier!


Snowboard Riot
Release date: Jan 2009 (Europe)
Genre: Sports

Are you one of the few people who thinks snowboarding isn’t exciting enough? Then go ahead and Riot! Snowboard Riot! This game takes snowboard cross to the next level with action-packed racing with weapons! Play online with up to 4 people, even using the Balance Board if you want to.