In the game it will be your task to guide Konki through 20 stages of mazes and obstacles in five different environments. Predictably there will be more than a few obstacles along the way, including treacherous landmarks and hostile enemies. A multiplayer mode is also promised, so you can compare you path-finding skills against your friends.

Some highlights of this new shooter, launching exclusively for WiiWare:

  • Pilot Konki through 20 missions spanning 5 different environments
  • Top-down shooter with creative use of the Wii Remote’s infrared pointer capabilities used to pilot your ship
  • Pick up items and upgrades to enhance controls and chances of accomplishing your mission
  • Four person multiplayer matches locally on your home console
  • Compete for best times with online leaderboards

Nate Fitt, Marketing Manager of YUKE’S Company of America, had this to say about the deal:

We’re seeing some great digital distribution methods that allow us the opportunity to deliver fun games to consumers at an affordable price. Evasive Space is our debut on the wonderful WiiWare platform for the world’s most popular game console, the Nintendo Wii™ system. The game will stay true to the nature of the platform by offering an engaging and addictive space adventure that both casual players and hardcore gamers will appreciate.

Kerry J. Ganofsky of High Voltage Software also had some nice things to say:

This is our first game published by YUKE’S Company of America, and we’re looking forward to kicking off our relationship with the success of Evasive Space. We’ve had great experiences developing and distributing games through WiiWare, and we hope that our newfound cooperation with YUKE’S will deliver some great new games and generate positive results for both of our companies as we take advantage of new digital distribution opportunities.

All sounds rather positive to us. Let’s hope the game is up to scratch. It’s expected in January and will cost you 1000 Wii points, squire.