Alien Crush, now with evil alien bosses!

The release of Alien Crush Returns shouldn't really come as a surprise if you keep an eye on every region's releases - The US got it earlier this week. Alien Crush Returns is sort of a sequel to the TurboGrafx-16 game Alien Crush (Although its real sequels were Devil's Crush, also on TG16, and Jaki Crush for SNES), featuring the same theme - Defeat hordes of aliens with pinball power! The game has a lot more content than its predecessor - Bosses, more than one table, online play and more - We think you'll be entertained for quite a while. The game only costs 800 Wii Points as well.

Gameloft's Brain Challenge is exactly what you think it is - Yet another "brain training" game. Brain Challenge was already released on Xbox Live Arcade and the Nintendo DS before, and it actually got some pretty positive reviews - It certainly seems to be one of the better clones of the original Brain Training, but we're a little put off by the 1000 Wii Points price tag.

Our favourite pixellated invaders have also finally arrived on WiiWare. Space Invaders Get Even is the first Space Invaders game to do things a little differently - After years of being shot by laser cannons over and over, it's now finally time to get revenge! In this game, you don't play as the laser cannon, but as the invaders themselves -Your aim is to destroy everything on planet Earth! How can you not like the game's plot? For 500 Wii Points it's also a steal, but beware - You'll only get a "starter pack", and you have to buy the rest of the game's levels for a total of 1500 Wii Points (3 packs of 500 Points each). The game also already came out in Japan a while ago - We wrote some first impressions for it, which might be interesting to read.

That's it for this week - Yes, still no Strong Bad Episode 3! At this rate the US will have Episode 4 before we get 3!