One of the best RPGs ever!

Phantasy Star IV is often considered one of the greatest games ever made for the Mega Drive. It pushes the system to its limit, with great graphics and sound, and a ton of content - You aren't going to finish this in a few days. RPG fans also consider it one of the best games of the genre - It could very well also be the best RPG currently on Virtual Console. Strangely enough, despite the game's greatness, it never got a sequel - Every Phantasy Star game that has followed since is not part of the main story.

Mega Man 3 doesn't really need any explaining - It's Mega Man! Most people consider this the only classic Mega Man game to give Mega Man 2 a run for its money, which is quite understandable - With 8 awesome new Robot Masters, another great soundtrack, good level design and two new gameplay elements (The slide and Rush), Mega Man 3 is everything Mega Man 2 was, plus more. Don't hesitate to download it if you liked the second game - You might find that you'll like it even more!

Just the two on VC this week - But both of them are terrific, so there's nothing to really complain about!