You won't be seeing this title screen on a Wii any time soon

Speaking about BCR, he said:

It would never fit in the Wiiware filesize so it would have to be disc based and you’d basically have to redo everything for Wii. It would not be an inexpensive process and I’m not sure the result would be completely satisfactory. I think you underestimate how technically advanced BCR is. It’s built on the same engine as the big BC is.

On the subject of Street Fighter II HD Remix, which has recently been released on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service to great acclaim, Svensson also had very little positive news for Wii owners:

It couldn’t ever be Wiiware, even at 480p. File size is just too large given the storage restrictions for Wiiware. Theoretically it could be disc based but there are no plans at the moment. We’ll see how it does on its current platforms and then maybe we’ll see.

Part of the reason HD Remix and BCR are digital is because we don’t believe they’re the right content for the retail channel (at least, not as stand alone experiences). The economics would be highly unfavorable as compared to their digital counterparts. And Wiiware, we’re finding, only works for titles built from the ground up for Wiiware as the lead SKU given the filesize restrictions.

There was one faint glimmer of hope, though. When asked about the possibility of Street Fighter IV being ported to Nintendo’s machine, Svensson replied:

In theory, with reasonable downgrades in visual quality including resolution reduction, yes. I will still raise the question: what’s the input mechanism for a Wiimote + nunchuck (which is what 100% of the installed base has) on a Street Fighter title?

So it’s not an out-and-out no, but the man clearly has reservations. Personally speaking, I think SFIV would make more sense on the Wii than it would on the 360, because the 360’s D-pad is terrible and there’s currently no decent first-party controller for fighters, whereas the Wii has the Classic Controller, which would be ideal for this kind of game.

Source: Nintendo Everything