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Now without further ado Steel Penny have put out a press release stating that their game will be available sometime in December. You can also check out their new Bruiser & Scratch website or see our gallery below to find out more about this upcoming game.

The press release follows:

Austin, Texas – November 17, 2008 – Steel Penny Games, a videogame development company specializing in mass market and kid friendly games with an unwavering commitment to fun, announced today that it will be launching their first game, Bruiser and Scratch, exclusively for WiiWare in December 2008. Bruiser and Scratch is a unique take on a matching puzzle game where the player controls one of the heroes in each level and progressively unravels the puzzle by pushing life-sized pieces around. As the player matches pieces, they combine and transform into other shapes until at the end, they are combined into a single winning piece.

“Bruiser and Scratch is an exciting puzzle game for the whole family. As puzzle games go, this one is pretty challenging, rewarding and humorous,” said Jason Hughes, president and founder of Steel Penny Games. “It was our goal to develop a game full of character and fun that the entire family looks forward to enjoying together, a little bit at a time. Naturally, Wii is the ideal platform for this,” says Hughes.

Bruiser and Scratch are a pair of amiable critters that are somehow always caught in the thick of it. They find themselves sucked into a world where science and magic interweave freely, full of enormous puzzles and dark undertones that encompass their adventure. Bruiser and Scratch meet up with some some old acquaintances and make new friends along their journey home. The gameplay is easy to grasp, but is much more challenging than it seems.

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