The world has gone goo crazy!

We compile this list using the USA region Wii Shop channel, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be quite a bit different. Please feel free to post your region's findings below as always.

Keep in mind that the list below is a measure of actual sales made recently, not of the total time the game has been available for sale.

Here is the list for the 22nd of October:

1 (4) - World of Goo
2 (1) - Mega Man 9
3 (3) - My Aquarium
4 (N) - Tetris Party
5 (2) - Bomberman Blast
6 (8) - Midnight Bowling
7 (6) - Dr Mario Online Rx
8 (9) - Defend your Castle
9 (7) - My Pokémon Ranch
10 (18) - Art Style: Cubello
11 (5) - Art Style: Orbient
12 (10) - Wild West Guns
13 (14) - TV Show King
14 (13) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
15 (12) - Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner
16 (15) - Frat Party Games - Pong Toss
17 (11) - Strong Bad Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free
18 (16) - LostWinds
19 (17) - Midnight Pool
20 (20) - Cocoto Fishing Master

N denotes a new entry

The first thing you will probably notice from this week’s chart is that World of Goo has achieved the unthinkable and dethroned even the mighty Mega Man 9 from his short reign in the top spot. It shows that all those positive reviews must have really made an impact for a relatively unknown company like 2D Boy to win such approval from the causal WiiWare downloader. We can’t argue, it deserves all the success it gets!

No surprises that Tetris Party jumped straight up to fourth place despite only being out a couple of days. It should predictably be in first or second place by next week. For a change all the top five games are ones WiiWare World rated highly at 8 or above. Maybe it is just a happy coincidence but we like to hope we played some small part in assisting sane download choices this week. However despite our wise council we are disappointed to see that Midnight Bowling has made it to 6th place!

Art Style: Cubello seems to have failed to make the same impact as its sibling Orbient did, better luck next week! Another game which surprisingly hasn’t made a huge impact is Strong Bad Episode 2, considering how well Episode 1 did originally this is a shock. Perhaps all those publishers seeing dollars in their eyes considering episodic games should rethink their plans slightly?

This week’s game to fall into the pit of fire is Family Table Tennis, for the average game that it is it has had an impressive run, hopefully this will be the last we see of it now. Now where is The Incredible Maze this week?