Play On Wii

Furthermore, we are completely redesigning seven GameCube titles so that, starting from the end of this year, we will launch them as Wii titles.

Our research has revealed that, due to the fact that the GameCube hardware had not sufficiently penetrated into the market, there were the applicable titles that many people were interested in but, in the end, did not purchase to play. In other words, such titles still have market potential.

As the Wii hardware has the compatibility with GameCube, it can run GameCube software just as they are. On the other hand, among GameCube titles are the ones which are well suited for the new play controls using the Wii Remote. We now introduce you to "Play On Wii" Selection which were originally the GameCube games but we have thoroughly redesigned the play control to be adapted to the new play control of Wii.

All the titles are the ones which can be loved by many regardless of when we launch in the market. We would like to re-launch them with the new play control.

It's a no brainer really, Nintendo have a bunch of GOOD games from Gamecube which the majority of Wii owners have never heard of, with minimal effort they can get them re-released with updated controls and bang, instant sales.

Maybe some Nintendo fans will see this as Nintendo making money off people with shovelware, to us it makes perfect sense.

First two games up for this treatment are "Play on Wii; Donkey Kong Jungle Beat" released December 11 and "Play on Wii; Pikmin" released on December 25. Obviously these release dates are for Japan but we expect some news about western release dates over the next few months.