A platformer inside pachinko machines? Sign us up!

Of course we assumed that this game would be just that - Pachinko on WiiWare. The developer, Allied Kingdoms, has now released some screenshots and game information to prove that this isn't the case at all - In fact, it's actually more of an action/platformer game.

The game takes place in the distant future, in which the civilization has sealed their treasures and riches in temples dedicated to the pachinko game. One day the Robot family's puppy has gone missing - He's wandered into the temples. Of course the entire family chases in order to rescue him from the temples' dangers.

The gameplay seems to be inspired by games like Smash TV and Robotron - Fight off enemies in a single area for a period of time. Each level is a giant arena resembling a pachinko machine - Pachinko balls will be launched and will bounce off of pegs, causing damage if they hit you and creating monsters if they fall into cups.

As one of three members of the Robot family, your mission will be to survive these dangers, using a variety of weapons, for a certain time, eventually braving all temples and rescuing your dog. You're not alone though - The evil pirate Vile Vill and his two henchmen Eevin and Oddie are also in the temples (Alongside a number of other bosses), attempting to loot all the treasure, and they don't like nosey types.

The game will also be playable in co-op mode.

No release date or price have been revealed, but judging by how many games are still planned for release this year, we wouldn't be surprised if it's an early 2009 release. You can view some screenshots of the game on the game page or on the official site.

The gameplay certainly seems interesting - We think this'll definitely be one to keep an eye on.